We create digital objects…(our approach)

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An important question in the meta_media lab has been how can we use digital/networked technologies to explore the several instantiations of the story/history making process during the festival.


It has been important to understand our work as creations of mutable networked digital objects/spaces in which each artist of the [8:tension] series operates and exist as a node or attractor to instantiate content and relationships within a hyper connected environment. In that sense, we need to conceive what we create and develop as “floating” dynamically changing digital objects that are potentially organizable and reshapeable. Videos, tags, RSSs, texts, links and interfaces are the changing context itself.


We think that online video affords a very direct manifestation of human process of storytelling: the artists talking about what they do and do what they do.
In that sense, we decided to approach all the 8:Tension artists and ask them for the possibility of interview them using portable mobile devices for capturing and doing the editing online.We created video interviews about the ones that accepted our request.

Another of the important affordances of the networked video environments such as the YouTube platform is that we can create links from one video to another, so we decided to create annotated links from the interviews to other relevant videos such as the video trailers and other YouTube content. These linkages may allow to conceive this interview as a piece of an ever changing/growing documentary connected by tags and collectively created!

WORD CLOUD FROM EXPERIENTIAL TAGGING or mapping the collective inter subjectivity!

We decided to tackle the question of audience and what the audience perceives about the artist’s works.
Computers allow to create human readable visualization of complex information or data.

  • Can we explore information visualization as a “narrative” of the emergent experience of watching or “audiencing”?
    How can we visualize the impressions and qualities of the experience of watching a performance?
    Can we use information visualization to “extract” and visualize the collective experience of watching a performance?
    How can we go beyond a “critical perspective” about the experience of witnessing a performance?

We devise a simple questionary where we asked members of the audience to write as many key words” would they remember about the experience of watching the show. We called it “experience tagging”. So, the audience would use words to describe their experience.

Then we aggregated all the keywords of the same performance and visualized them as a “word cloud”. In this kind of visualization the size of the word is affected by its frequency, in that sense the the biggest words is the one that repeats the most.
Therefore, we can speculate that the visualization may represent the collective “experience” of witnessing a performance.
So, here we present the visualization made with online software wordle.net

We decided not to show this audience impressions to the artists before the interviews. In this way we may have two poles that we can compare and juxtapose: the artists intention, motivations and narrative about their own process and in the other side a mapping of the “perceived” embodied experience of watching the presented piece.

The internet and WWW are an ecology of different technologies: computers, modems, satellites, antennas, fiber optics, and more. Its materiality gets ephemeral with the metaphor of the CLOUD and the may ways to access the content. In that sense, contenet can be automatically interfaced with QR code technology and smart mobile phones (as small computers) can scan this kind of code and detect links, contact info etc.
In this case, we decided to generate QR codes for each video produced by the lab. So, you can scan directly this screen with a QR code scanner app and watch the video in your mobile.
We used the following generator: https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/

We will also be using the platform popcornwebmaker to create a mashup with the digital material relevant to the artists and understand the video in the new internet as data flows: not cinema, not TV…


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